On Primitive Picó we are manufacturers of nougat, sweets and vegetable preserves since 1943, the years of tradition, as well as following the recipes of yesteryear, and the use of quality raw materials have led us to create a catalog of top quality products, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.

In addition to the manufacture of this type of products in Primitivo Picó we also take care of marketing them to different commercial areas, workshops …

Among the products that you can find in our catalog are:

  • Nougat tablets: we are manufacturers of nougat tablets of different types of qualities. The quality of the nougat is really important, since depending on the percentage of presence of some ingredients, such as honey and almonds, it is considered high-end nougat, or more popular nougat. Thus in Primitivo Picó we manufacture from quality nougat tablets from supreme, to popular, through peanut tablets, where the main ingredient is peanut instead of almond, and sugar-free tablets.
  • Nougat portions Portions of chocolate and almond nougat, soft almond nougat, hard nougat, garnish, nut cream nougat, fruit nougat, crunchy chocolate nougat. Nougat portions of different flavors, and different qualities; supreme and extra. And also, our portions of nougat without sugar.
  • Glazed Fruit: The glazed fruit is made by cooking the different fruits – citron, pears, oranges, cherries, pumpkin … in syrup and then left to dry. Also known as candied fruit or candied fruit, the glazing process takes a long time, but the results are incredible as they highlight the ability for the fruit to remain in optimal conditions for long periods of time, without the need to use chemicals . At Primitivo Picó we sell glazed fruit in different formats, trays, in bulk, as well as unsweetened glazed fruits.
  • Confectionery: Where they have a place from angel hair, such as sweet potato cream, liquid nougat, and candied fruits, which are especially used in confectionery. We sell cubes of different sizes, from 2.5 kg to 20 kg.