On Primitive Picó we are manufacturers of nougat 1943, within the wide range of nougat that we manufacture in Primitivo Picó we also make and sell nougat without sugar

But how is nougat made without sugar?

When we talk about nougat without sugar, we actually mean nougat without added sugar, that is, no sugar is added as an ingredient to the nougat dough. In this case, to make the nougat without sugar, what we have to achieve is substitute sugar and honey for sweeteners , which will be in charge of giving the product that sugary flavor and in addition to providing it with the necessary properties to give consistency, texture …

The most widely used sweetener is maltitol, sorbitol is also used, since they have characteristics similar to sucrose.

As for the main differences of traditional nougat and sugar-free nougat, they would not be remarkable, only the caloric intake, and even so the calories that traditional nougat as well as sugar-free nougat contribute are not much higher. Therefore, sugar-free nougat cannot be considered a low-calorie product , as you are usually aware of sugar-free products.

Regarding its ingredients, the main difference is in the substitution of honey and sugar for sweeteners, then the main ingredients are kept, such as almond and egg white.

Therefore in terms of flavor, and aroma the differences are minimal s, a way to consume nougat this Christmas but without sugar. Therefore, you can enjoy the usual flavors: soft almond nougat, hard, chocolate … Discover all our tablets Y servings with no added sugars.