Glased Fruits

With bright appearance and great texture, candied fruits are preserved without losing their properties for a long time.



Trays with the best selection of our glazed fruits: cherries, cider, pumpkin, oranges ...

Citron Tray


Glazed citron

Cherries Tray


Candied cherries

Pumpkin Tray


Candied pumpkin

Oranges Tray

250g / 400g

Glazed oranges


Pears Tray /strong>


Glazed pears

Assorted Fruit Tray

250g / 400g

Orange, pear, citron, cherries ...



In bulk

Candied fruits in bulk are presented in boxes of different sizes, wrapped individually to improve their conservation.


Wrapped in 3kgs box

Glazed apricot

White pumpkin

Wrapped in a box 3 kg

Glazed white pumpkin

Red pumpkin

Wrapped in 3kg box

Glazed red pumpkin

Pumpkin green

Wrapped in 3kg box

Glazed green pumpkin


Wrapped in 3kgs box

Candied plum

Orange in pieces

Wrapped in a box 2.5 kg

Glazed orange in pieces


Wrapped in 3kg box

Candied pears


Wrapped in 3kg box

Candied citron


Pumpkin slices

Wrapped in 3kg box

Glazed pumpkin slices

Assorted Fruit

Wrapped in 3kg box

Glazed pears, oranges, cherries, citron, pumpkins...



Sugar Free Fruits

Enjoy all the flavor of our candied fruits without added sugars.