Nougat Portions

In Primitivo Picó, in addition to the tablets, we sell portions of nougat of extra quality, supreme and without added sugars.


Supreme Portions

With more than 65% toasted almonds and a minimum of 10% pure premium honey, the nougat portions are an explosion of flavor.


Extra Portions

With a lower percentage of almonds, 50% and retaining the same amount of honey, the extra portions keep all the flavor of the tradition


Sugar free portions

Portions of traditional nougat: chocolate, hard almond, white ... but without added sugars.

Supreme Almond Hard Nougat

No sugar added

3kg Box

Honey and almonds

Supreme Almond Soft Nougat

No sugar added

3kg Box

Ground dough of sugar and almonds.

Chocolate Nougat

No sugar added

3kg Box

Chocolate and almonds

Crunchy Chocolate Nougat

No added sugars

3kg Box

Chocolate, almonds and puffed rice