The history of our factory

Almost 70 years working to preserve the recipes of yesteryear.

S ince 1943 Primitivo Picó S.A. located in Lucena (Córdoba) is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of nougat, portions, sweets and vegetable preserves. Years of tradition that are reflected in the quality of all our products.

Preserving tradition and craftsmanship in a world in which new technologies reign is not easy, but with years of work and dedication we have managed to maintain the traditional spirit that has characterized Primitivo Picó for so many years, despite the inclusion of new machinery.

The first quality raw materials, the success of our products.

T o preserve the quality of all our products in Primitivo Picó we have a quality department. This department is in charge of controlling the "state" of the product throughout the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials, to the packaging of the products.

When it comes to achieving the best possible result for our products, we place special emphasis on the selection and use of the best raw materials.

Our nougat and sweets are only made with ingredients of the highest quality, chosen in order to offer our customers an unparalleled flavor.

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