The glazed fruit It is the fruit that has been cooked in syrup and left to dry for c onserve its properties for much longer without the need to use artificial preservatives. Also known as candied fruit or candied fruit, it is characterized by having a shiny appearance and great texture. But above all because it is an indispensable element in Christmas baking.

As elaborated?

The frosting process takes a lot of time and dedication. In very general terms, it consists of repeating the process of maceration of the fruit in an almibar for several days. The fruit must be clean, without skin and all seeds and membranes must be removed.

Glazed fruit and Christmas sweets

As we have mentioned before, this delicious fruit is used a lot in Christmas pastries. And is that one of the typical Christmas sweets that carry these delicious fruits is the Roscón de Reyes.

The Roscón de Reyes It is the sweet that is eaten in the morning or afternoon of the Three Kings Day, putting the finishing touch to the Christmas festivities. Legend has it that in this delicious dessert the glazed fruit represents the gems that the kings of the East wore on their robes. But what people wonder the most is … “What is the green of the Roscón de Reyes?” . Well, it is nothing other than … green pumpkin!

In addition to the Roscón, it is also very traditional to find the famous fruit nougat . Made with ground almonds, a few pieces of glazed fruit are included in the process. Giving a touch of originality and flavor to the famous almond nougat.

Glazed fruit in Christmas products from abroad

And it is that our delicious glazed fruit is not only found in Spanish Christmas pastries. For example in Italy he is very famous Panettone . Traditional from Milan, it is a sweet bread made from flour, eggs, butter and sugar. Before being baked, the glazed fruit is added to the dough.

If you want to know more about this delicious product, we invite you to visit the section “Glazed fruit” of our products. Can you resist the temptation?