The angel hair It is a sweet made from the caramelised fibers of the pulp of some fruit. It is generally made from pumpkin. Its use in baking is very frequent, being generally used as a filling in many desserts.

Angel hair and traditional pastries

We are going to take a tour of the confectionery of our region to learn about the uses of this delicious ingredient. As we have mentioned before, it is one of the most delicious fillings that we can find in many desserts and sweets.

Cordovan cake . Typical of Cordova , especially the day of San Rafael. The Cordovan cake is a large puff pastry cake. The angel hair is deposited between two puff pastry doughs without reaching the edges. Finally it is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Mittens . We are still in Córdoba. The manolete is a variant of the Cordovan cake. It owes its name to the famous bullfighter, who used to ask for one every day. They used to order “el de Manolete” at the bakery, eventually acquiring that name. The mitten is the individual version, with a round shape, of the Cordovan cake.

Citron cutters . We went to the province of Seville . They are made with lard, so their flavor is reminiscent of mantecados. But they are stuffed with angel hair.

Hornazo cake . We now move to the province of Huelva. The dough for this delicious cake is made from flour, olive oil and anise. For the filling, ground almonds and angel hair are used, mixed with eggs, lemon and sugar. Finally it is sprinkled with sliced almonds, cinnamon or sesame.

And you, do you know other traditional sweets based on angel hair? Let us know in the comments!