Primitivo Picó. Consejos para servir el turrón

Christmas is here. And with it the meetings with family and friends. These meetings are usually held around a table, enjoying the typical gastronomy of each region. And as is typical of these dates, the traditional Christmas sweets like mantecados and nougat. But do we really know how serve the nougat ? Here are some tips to maintain the texture and flavor of this traditional sweet.

Nougat conservation

The dieal is to keep the nougat at room temperature. But we must be careful with the heating, so it is recommended to keep them at a temperature of 15ºC .

Once the nougat is opened, we will keep it in the refrigerator. We must make sure that it is well covered and that the product do not be in contact with the cold from the refrigerator. This will prevent the nuts from softening.

Ideas for your table presentation

Nougat is a sweet that can be offered as a snack or as a dessert at lunch or dinner. It is a very caloric and very sweet, therefore it is advisable to cut it and serve it in pieces small of different varieties. This is how we will satisfy the different tastes of our guests.

We can also buy portions of nougat, in this way we can acquire a more variety of flavors and they will be better preserved.

If we decide to present it on paper in a tray, it is recommended that this be a waterproofed paper to prevent the product from sticking to the paper with the temperature.

Drink for your accompaniment

If we want to accompany them with a drink, we will have to choose one that counteracts the sweetness. Although there is nothing written about tastes, and there is always the occasional sweet tooth on the table.

One of the most chosen drinks to end our Christmas dinners is the cava or champagne . Sweet or semi-dry cava is recommended to accompany the nougat. For those who are not very fanatical of cava they can change it for sweet wine .