On Primitive Picó We manufacture and market nougat tablets of different characteristics depending on the% of almond and honey that they contain inside. So as for our tablets we can distinguish nougat tablets supreme quality, extra quality, popular quality, extra peanut and no sugar.

The supreme quality nougat tablets are the highest quality tablets manufactured in Primitivo Picó. The quality comes from its high percentage of almonds present in more than 65% , as well as the pure bee honey that must be at least 10% present These two are the main ingredients of our supreme nougat tablets, where you will find a great variety, from the most traditional such as: soft almond nougat tablet, hard, as well as other flavors such as: toasted egg yolk nougat tablet, fruit, coconut, nut cream and imperial cake.

Within the supreme quality nougat tablets we also commercialize soft nougat on stone , as well as an assortment of crafts with the best selection of our supreme quality nougat.

Behind the supreme tablets, in terms of quality, the following would be the extra quality nougat tablets. With a lower percentage of almond 50% and keeping the 10% pure honey make these tablets a product capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.

Preserving the artisan flavors such as those of hard and soft almond nougat, in these tablets we include other different varieties such as the extra quality chocolate tablet with almond, extra sesame and pine nut nougat .

Popular quality nougat tablets are characterized by the fact that among their main ingredients they contain a 30% almond. In this case, the variety is less, making only a tablet of Hard and soft nougat of this quality.

In these nougat tablets the almond as a primary ingredient is replaced by peanut, which gives this product a totally different flavor to nougat made from almonds. As for the variants, in Primitivo Picó you can find tablets of hard nougat, soft, peanut hard, peanut soft í and also the typical nougat cake.

Among our products we include the elaboration of nougat tablets with no added sugar In its most traditional variants, hard roasted almond and honey nougat, supreme quality without sugar, as well as soft almond nougat, also in our superior quality.

If you want more information about our Primitivo Picó nougat tablets or other of our products call us at 957 50 00 77, write us an email to sales@primitivopico.com or visit our factory located at 14900, Lucena. Cordova